Can you really call this a FAQ if they aren't really frequently asked?

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What programs do you use to draw?

I use both Firealpaca & Clip Studio Paint, sometimes I use Aseprite and Paint 3D and to a lesser extent nowadays, MS Paint.

What are your inspirations in art/character designs?

Throughout my life I've consumed a lot of media so it's safe to say I include a little bit of everything in my art buuut if I had to pick the bggest inspirations.. For my art I'd say it's a funny mix of anime and cartoons, I do a lot of experimentation tho so sometimes I use a different style. For character designs, since I draw a wide range of character types including monsters, anthros, humanoids and object heads, there's different inspirations for each. Stuff like Kirby, Digimon, Pokemon and stuff like that is what inspires me for my monster designs, anthros are inspired by various cartoon animal characters and furry artists in the late 2000s to early 2010s who drew cats with bangs lol. Might rewrite this better in the future.

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