The Name That Was Given:

Hey it's that guy who appears on the front page!

Firmis is an entity without much memory of who he once was but one thing is certain, he has a perchant for finding misery! He's quite sure how this ability relates to his past but it is a curiosity he likes to entertain on occasion. He's approached many folks overtaken by misery so many times that there's even a bit of a legend about him, of course being approached by a short pointy eared blue guy is not exactly fascinating to most people so most regard it as a joke.

Besides his misery magent powers, Firmis is a pretty nice guy but to be fair it's not as if he's got much to be emotional about. In fact he can't really feel much emotion at all, his trademark smile is merely him trying to replicate things most mortals like. He is not immune to feeling emotion but it's so rare to get something genuine out of him. With the help of other immortal beings like Aldrovanda and Dethkuloz, Firmis slowly tries to regain what he doesn't know he's lost.

Firmis' voice is strange, sometimes it's monotone, occasionally it fluctuates, is it a sign of the old Firmis poking through? Is it excitement? Sometimes it freaks mortal people out. He finds that fact semi-amusing, when he discovered his amusement, he felt the strongest sense of joy he can remember besides the weird joy that occurs when hanging out with Aldro and Dethy. Firmis is short, shorter than his friends and most other characters. He does not appear to have any special abilities (besides the misery thing) and he can live with that.

More to be written 4/8/2022! Some content may be rewritten later for whatever reason.

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