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A page of my various interests and just general things I've seen and enjoyed. Note: This page won't be updated frequently and things containing links often go to their respective sites or offcial pages. I'm very bad at recommending stuff.

Currently enjoying - 3/28/2022

Cookie Clicker - This isn't my first rodeo with Cookie Clicker but it won't be my last.... No matter what I must go click cookies.

Pokemon Legends Arceus - I'm taking a few breaks from playing it but I feel like I'm near the end. It's been a very fun experience!

NEW!Rune Factory 5 - My first Rune Factory was actually Tides of Destiny but I didn't get very far, Rune Factory 4 ended up being my first real taste of it. Now Rune Factory 5 is finally out and I've been playing a bit of it albeit very slowly. Anyway I love Murakumo.

Kirby and the forgotten land - I've been enjoying the hijinks of the mouthful mode and the wonderful ost of this game, it's very fun so far!

Recent things I've enjoyed - From 2021 - Now

Games I like in general

Cartoons/TV Shows I like in general

Spongebob Squarepants- I am not afraid to admit I love me some Spongebob. Yes I like the later seasons too, yes I have a Squidward plush. It's a show I've watched and loved for the longest time, yes my love for it now is partially for the nostalgia but it's genuinely a show I like watching almost most of the time. The Spongebob movie might genuinely be one of my favorite movies.

Digimon- Not really any one in particular, well I guess Adventures 01, 02 and Tamers since those are the only ones I've finished so far. Actually I've been meaning to rewatch them all but in japanese so perhaps my opinion of them will change? I think I'll still like them but it's always interesting to go back to old anime that got slightly changed for the US dub and see all the differences like Sonic cursing in the Sonic X JP version. Perhaps I'll expand more on this later.

I think I might end up leaving this page simple. BACK.