Recommendations, or just stuff I like.

A not so long but not so short list of things I quite like.

Note: I am the kind of person who can find enjoyment in things that most others would not so probably don't look into these with the assumption you'll get a 10/10 award winning experience sometimes it's nice to have simple casual fun. Also this list will not be updated frequently so keep that in mind. Thanks and enjoy!

Video Games!

Insaniquarium- I was gifted a copy of this game as a kid and loved it dearly and many years later I would buy it on steam for cheap and still enjoy it now. It's a game where you take fish and also aliens appear and starting trying to attack and kill your fish so you have to shoot them down. Indeed this aquarium is insane. The gameplay is very repetitive so if you aren't really into it in the beginning you probably won't enjoy the rest, lots of clicking but especially when trying to defeat the aliens but It's nostalgic and fun to me. Maybe it's one of those games you love if you grew up with.

Ai: The Somnium Files - This game is a mystery adventure game, rated M, with a hamster eyeball creature and has a pervy main character but somehow it all comes together to make a strange but fun experience with some dark moments. Also about the main character, he's pathetic but in a way in which you hate him but love him but also hate him. I won't lie there's definitely a few awkward moments but if you can get past that it's definitely an interesting story for sure.

Psychonauts - I had this game sitting in my steam library for awhile because the first few times I tried to play it acted funny on my old computers but last year I finally played it and enjoyed it immensively. An interesting platformer with a fun theme and a little dark humor, it was nice to finally experience the game that every "top 10 dark moments in games" included that one part of in them. Hoping to try the sequel later this year..!

TV Shows & Cartoons

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Comics & Manga

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