Extant Universe is my main world building project and features mostly humanoid characters. It's hard to describe it entirely as it's really multiple stories taking place in the same universe at different times. There's magic, gods and gamers within this world. Stories will vary in content, some being very slice of life and some veering into darker territory with death, violence and... romance. Oh the horror! If we're being honest this project is not created with the idea of creating an audience it specifically appeals to my taste and might even be cringe!

Yrgna & Puppet

To be written - 6/26/2023

Weird Monster Pals

Weird Monster Pals, or WMP for short, is my universe for cartoony monster characters. Think something like Kirby or Pokemon, It's about fantasy creatures being friends and they're a little weird. Unlike Extant this one centers on mostly one story and that's Wraith's! Wraith is a monster who doesn't know exactly what kind of monster he is and as such he ventures from his home and arrives at a little village named Carniville and befriends ominous but quite kind Ugew and his little crew too. Wraith will eventually go on many adventures and meet many more monsters, might even have to fight and perhaps he'll discover the mysteries of the dream and nightmare worlds.

Characters/Other Worlds